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As President of the Natural History Society's (NHS) Ladies' Auxiliary, Katherine presided over the preparation of "free" and regular lecture course programmes (the Society charged admission for the regular lectures.) She engaged ladies and occasionally gentlemen to give weekly or biweekly lectures to public audiences under Ladies' Auxiliary auspices. Proceeds from these lectures were used to pay down the mortgage on the NHS Museum building and to expand the Museum's hours of operation. Topics in the early-twentieth-century lecture courses included "Domestic Science in Relation to the Home," "Indians of Prehistoric Acadia," "Social and Ethical Efficiency, Its Effect Upon Society," "Buddha," and "The Scots in Acadia." Katherine herself was a regular lecturer, presenting on a variety of subjects from dinosaurs and the evolution of the horse, to the Old South and scenes from the life of [Thomas] Huxley. When Katherine lectured on Engelbert Humperdinck's opera Hansel and Gretel, her daughter Elsie was one of four women providing the musical demonstrations.

In her presidential addresses to the Ladies' Auxiliary, Katherine stressed the progress of the Society to date, the status of the building mortgage, and the need to make the Museum ever-more accessible and appealing to the public through innovative exhibits and activities.