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All of the seven surviving Matthew children attended George and Katherine Matthew's 50th anniversary celebration in 1918, where they presented this brief poem, each reciting a verse that characterized his or her profession:



Mine is the dearest privilege and nearest of all to your heart

To keep the home fires burning, I have taken the daughter's part.



It is mine to continue my father's work and search in the leaves of stone

To decipher the records of worlds long past and to make their story known.



Your love of music, oh mother mine, is the part I chose for my own

To play, to teach, and to help my man; to compose the songs you have known.



A noble talent you gave me, to employ as best I could

And I teach my boys, as you taught me; to be wise and strong and good.



To do my share in the business world was the part assigned to me

But now I have answered a higher call to defend our liberty.

I have taken the place of my brother who died in the battle across the main

And I've vowed to do my uttermost; that he shall not have died in vain.


Robin (deceased):

I am with you in spirit here today, though you cannot see my face

I have cast no shame on your honoured name, but have done as became my race.



I have taken my part in the business mart and the talent you gave to me

Aids the farmer to make his wide-stretched fields green with fertility.



I too am aiding the same good work and giving the best in me,

To help in feeding a starving world: Here and across the sea.


From the  Matthew fonds, New Brunswick Museum Archives and Research Library  S105, F66.