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Among Maude's contributions were several Chinese items: a mirror, writing set, bell and pillowcase, as well as many Japanese items: an antique clock, buttons, sculptures, coloured sands and gravels used in Japanese miniature gardens, 18 dolls and 10 prints of Japanese court and upper-class family life. Her Indian objects were chiefly personal ornaments such as earrings, seal matrices and bracelets, or vessels for food preparation and religious offerings. From Korea, she obtained a tobacco pipe; from Tibet, a prayer wheel; from Syria, linked bracelets; from Palestine, a crown of thorns; and from the far-flung islands of Trinidad and the Philippines, woven bamboo fans. Maude's South African contribution was a skirt made of plant fibre and animal hide with dangling strands of shells and grass which, according to the early-twentieth-century accession register, was worn by a Nubian girl until her wedding day.