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"You would all be so interested and amused to see my little Japanese house," Loretta wrote from Tokyo to her friends in Canada,


"It is like a doll's house and the whole upstairs would easily go into my old bedroom at the school. My bedroom is the weest place with all the furniture on the same scale. A desk one foot high and two feet long and I sit in front of it, or rather kneel, on a cushion. A dressing table, one foot six inches long and one foot high, beautifully made with lovely little drawers just like a doll's bureau. And the bed is the smallest single one to be had and the chair is like what we have for children of four at home, yet it is all quite comfy and has two great advantages – first, it can be heated with a small electric heater… and second, you can reach everything from any point.


"The little drawing room takes in ten people on chairs and twenty if they sit on Japanese cushions, so I can have all my Bible classes there...


"Tokyo is a beautiful city. In the centre is the Palace surrounded with its moat, in whose quiet waters waterfowl swim about and beautiful pine trees are reflected… Beautiful parks, dignified monuments and wide tree-bordered avenues give a sense of spaciousness and proportion to this wonderful modern capital. The embassies, universities and government buildings all help to add to the dignity of the city."


The Living Message, 43,4 (April 1932): 134.