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The Simpson house on Front Street was a popular stopping place for travelers. Edward Simpson - school trustee, postmaster, temperance man, county treasurer, secretary of the Gagetown Bible Society, and militia officer operated the house as an inn with his wife Elizabeth in the late-nineteenth century.  When Edward died in 1884, Elizabeth continued to run their home as a boarding house and inn, advertising that she could accommodate "Permanent and Transient Guests" in "pleasantly situated rooms." For the guests' convenience, there was a "Telephone and Livery Stable in Connection" with the house, and the whole complex was located "only a few minutes' walk from the steam boat wharves." The post office operated out of this building for many years, with Edward, Ella and Leora Simpson each serving as postmaster or postmistress for a time. Leora's tenure, at 44 years, was the longest by far.