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Time and again, an inspired Agnes documented the sufferings and triumphs of her patients, like the man she cared for in 1915:


"Yesterday we got five patients, ---the four worst were consigned to me. One poor chap was shot through the body and the spine was injured… he is completely paralyzed from the waist down…. [H]e is the most cheerful soul, and says he has much to be thankful for as he has never suffered at all."


Three weeks later, Agnes was thrilled to report that "The poor little chasseur… is beginning to walk---with a great deal of help, of course… I have never seen such courage and patience."


Agnes was also touched by the strength of European women carrying on the work at home without their loved ones:


"[Daillet's mother] is coming to see him as soon as the haying is done... It is wonderful the work that the women do here. There are only two old horses left… so the women harness themselves into the rakes and waggons and pull them in place of the horses---and they so seldom complain of the hard work."