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Courtesy of the Carrie Special Collection

photo of cover, 1917 edition



The preface to a 1917 edition of My Beloved Poilus, published by Barnes & Co. Ltd., Saint John, promises that "Every dollar received from the sale of the book, less bare cost of printing and express charges, goes to the fund… The Assistance of all Booksellers and Stationers is Solicited in Pushing this Work. Price $1.00." Agnes was overjoyed to receive gifts of money from home. She immediately used them to purchase much-needed supplies for her patients:


"The first thing I did when I got the letter with the money was to order a foot tub for each floor, slippers for the patients when they are in the house, scissors for the pharmacy and for each floor, and various other small things that I have been longing for and that will save many steps…. The extra food that we have been able to give to the very sick men has made all the difference in the world to their recovery, and then the warm clothing when they go out, and the bit of money to help them over the hard place. You cannot imagine how much it means to them."


"I can't tell you how thankful I am to be able to get socks and warm things for the men. We can send things to the first dressing station by the ambulances, and from there they go to the trenches at once. Mrs. D's socks came yesterday, and I sent them off...It was such a good idea to have them white, for they put them on under the others and it often saves the men from being infected by the dye of the stockings."

For the full text of My Beloved Poilus online, see the Carrie Special Collection: http://www.vlib.us/medical/canadian/cnurse.htm