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A woman with passionately held opinions, Louise was described by friends as a force to be reckoned with, one who "has been known to change her mind, but not often." In fact, Louise Manny was known to declare war on change from time to time. To Beaverbrook she grumbled in 1959:

"I hear a ghastly rumour that the United Church is thinking of building an addition to St. James's – your father's church, and they are considering erecting the addition in front of the old church, thus ruining one of the most beautiful facades in the Maritime Provinces. Can nothing stop these vandals?"


Regarding plans to build a hydro-electric dam at Mactaquac in the 1960s, she objected thus:


"I am sorry the Government appears to be so hell-bent on ruining Macnaquac [sic]…they will never rest until they have turned us into an industrial slum.…New Brunswick's motto is 'Anything you can do with a bulldozer is progress.'"


She fought tenaciously against the Beaubair's Point restoration committee to prevent the burning of old trees at the site, abhorring the prospect of a desolate clearing planted with "identical sized maples." Only the authentic, the natural and the antiquarian satisfied Manny's tastes. 

Passionate, industrious and thorough in all her projects, Manny counselled young women to use "every opportunity to develop their brains, and to continue in part-time careers outside the home." "Let your activities have a purpose, and lead somewhere," she encouraged high school graduates in 1962, and don't be content with "time wasters." Brim-full of activity from 1890 to 1970, the life of this steward of local heritage now overflows with legacy.