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Perhaps the most regal of Maude Sanford's and Loretta Shaw's dolls were


"...figures representing the Emperor and Empress in their Imperial robes [loan of Loretta Shaw.] The Empress [sic] wears a wonderful gold crown, a sort of tower, and carries a tiny fan…Beside them stands two Samurai [loan of Maude Sanford] in military costumes and nearby…an actor in scarlet costume and striking attitude…also a marvellous reproduction of a native dancer ready to begin his performance before their Imperial Majesties."


Visitors also showed great interest in another


"...large doll, whose gown showed to the initiated that she was ready to receive through her parents offers for marriage. To the ordinary eye she represented a pretty Japanese girl in soft silken clothes, beautifully made and no less beautifully worn, but to her country men her clothing told the fact that she now was of a marriageable age and that proposals that were worth while entertaining would be listened to by her worthy or unworthy parents."


 Saint John Globe, 10 January 1924.